Have a look at the latest price list for our community and day services. 

Current charges from the 20th November 2017.

Day Services - Transport daily charge (standard) £8.00
Day Services Session - including lunch £9.00
Day Service - tea (starting from) 50p
Day Service - coffee (starting from) 55p
Assisted Bathing Service - per session (Home or Centre) £12.00

Community Fresh Meals :                    Individual : (Mon to Fri)

                                                (Week-ends and Bank Holidays) 

Community Fresh Meals  :               For Couples : (Mon to Fri)

                                                (Week-ends and Bank Holidays) 

n.b. for a couple, i.e. delivered to the same address on the same day

 'Snack Pack' Delivered with the main meal, in a sealed bag for the fridge,  including a Sandwich, Cake, Biscuit, Crisps, and a drink








Home Support Services - hourly charge per staff member: Depending upon service required. Please obtain a quote for Gardening, DIY, Deep Cleaning, Befriending, Light Domestic cleaning, Escorted Visits, and Home from Hospital support.

(See below for Laundry)

£15.00 to £17.50
Dementia 'Day Break' day session                                        (Not including transport) £43.00
Simply Nails Service - Toe or Finger Nail cutting                (Home or Clinic) £18.00

Simply Nails Service - Toe and Finger Nail cutting      (combined - Home or Clinic)


Laundry Service - Per Load

Only available if you are an existing customer of the Home Support Service.


The above prices took effect from 20th November 2017

For more information on our services, contact your nearest day centre or email contactus@ageuknorthwestkent.org.uk

You can download our current price list. Just click here. 


Price list from 20 Nov 17