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Have a look at the latest price list for our community and day services.

Current charges from the 20th November 2017. No increases as at 1st April 2018.

 Day Services Session - including lunch   £9.00 
 Day Services - Transport daily charge (standard)   £8.00
 Day Services - tea (starting from)  50p
 Day Services - coffee (starting from)  55p
 Assisted Bathing - per session (at Home or Centre)   £12.00 

 Community Fresh Meals delivery:       Individual: 
                                                              (Weekends and Bank Holidays)

                                                              (Weekends and Bank Holidays) 

Note: 'Couple' is defined as requiring two meals on 
the same day delivered to the same address.

 'Snack Pack' Delivered with the main meal, in a sealed bag for the fridge,
 including a Sandwich, Cake, Biscuit, Crisps, and a drink




 Home Support Services - hourly charge per staff member: Depending
 upon the service required.
 Please obtain a quote for Gardening, DIY,  Befriending,
 Light Domestic Cleaning, Escorted Visits, and Home from Hospital support. 

 Dementia 'Day Break' session                          (Not including transport)  £43.00 
 'Simply Nails' - toe or finger nail cutting                        (Home or clinic)  £18.00
 'Simply Nails' - toe and finger nail cutting combined     (Home or clinic)  £25.00

 Laundry service (per load)
 Please note: 
This service is only available if you are an existing customer
 with the Home Support Services.


 You can download our price list in a printable .pdf format by clicking the link below:

 Download Services Price List 2018-19 printable

For more information on our services, find your nearest day centre, call us on 01474 564898, or alternatively you can email us at: