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Age UK Salford supports Safeguarding Adults Week 2023.

Age UK Salford believes that it is unacceptable for adults, young people and children to experience abuse of any kind; everyone has the right to be protected from all types of abuse and neglect, regardless of age, disability, gender, language, religion, sexual orientation or identity or any other factor or circumstance; and recognises its responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of all adults, young people and children in accordance with The Care Act (2014) and The Children’s Act (1989/2004). 

The Age UK Salford Safeguarding Adults policy, procedure and guidance applies to all the Age UK Salford staff, volunteers and visitors including students on placement whose work brings them into contact with adults, young people and children that may be at risk of abuse or neglect. 

Adult Safeguarding

This Policy and all of Age UK Salford Policies are underpinned by the organisation’s Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Anti Bullying Policy and should be read in conjunction with Salford City Councils Interagency Adult Safeguarding Policy, Procedure and Guidance and the National Framework of Standards for good practice and outcomes in adult protection work; legislation and government expectations in relation to child protection.  

Age UK Salford Safeguarding Policy

Worried about an adult?

If you believe or suspect an adult is at risk, it is vital you notify and alert the authorities.
Further information can be found on the Salford Safeguarding Adults Board.

Adult Social Care and District Nursing
0161 206 0604
8am - 6pm Monday - Friday

Text if you have hearing or speech difficulties
07970 134894

You can request support or report a safguarding concern at: Adult social care portal

Out of hours:

0161 794 8888 for Adult Social Care
0161 206 8921 for District Nursing

The Bridge Partnership (For concerns about the welfare or safety of a child)

Tel: 0161 603 4500 – (8.30am – 4.30pm)
Tel: 0161 794 8888 (out of hours)

Ann Craft Trust - A leading authority on Safeguarding Adults and Young People at risk

Silverline Helpline (The confidential helpline for older people)

Age UK National Fact Sheet