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Shopping for a friend, neighbour or relative leaflet

If you're shopping for a friend, neighbour or relative - here's a useful information sheet to download from Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration.

Shopping for a friend, relative or neighbour

For many of us, being in control of our shopping is important and can help us to retain our independence. If you are shopping for a friend, relative or neighbour there are some important things to consider. Check out our tips below:

1. Find out what they enjoy eating and drinking and what they usually buy. Even if you know someone well, it is helpful to ask directly what they would like, where possible, and take their preferences into account.

2. If they are underweight, have a poor appetite or have lost weight without trying it is healthy for them to try to gain weight. You can encourage this by buying full-fat products (e.g. yoghurt, milk) and food that is easy to eat, such as small portion meals and snacks

3. Don’t forget the basics – milk and bread

4. Go beyond the basics – try to think about ingredients needed to make full meals

5. Consider and ask what the person is able to do – are they able to open tins and bottles?

6. Think about ways to minimise food waste - tinned and frozen fruit are as healthy as fresh - if possible buy small tins and packets

7. Preparing ahead – can you help them to prepare a store-cupboard of non-perishable foods and pre-prepared meals?

Below is a list of ideas to keep in stock:

Breakfast cereal and porridge
Jam, marmalade, peanut butter and honey
Baked beans, macaroni cheese and spaghetti
Tinned stews, meats, fish and lentils
Tinned vegetables and fruit
Tinned custard, sponge and custard and rice pudding
Long life milk and milk powder
Horlicks, Ovaltine and drinking chocolate
Squash and fruit juice
Instant/ready meals
Frozen sausages, burgers, fish fingers
Frozen fruit and vegetables
Boil in the bag meals, e.g. fish in sauce
Ice cream/ ice lollies
Frozen desserts, e.g. jam roly poly, crumbles
Milk can be stored in the freezer until needed