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SU1 - Complaints Policy

Age UK Worcester, Malvern Hills & Hereford Localities is committed to offering high standards of service and care to our clients, their families and carers and our retail customers. The Organisation invites complaints and/or comments and suggestions of a positive nature from anyone who has contact with the Organisation.

Age UK Worcester, Malvern Hills & Hereford Localities will approach all complaints with a positive attitude and regularly review such complaints in order to look at ways of improving service or avoiding adverse situations in the future.

Age UK Worcester, Malvern Hills & Hereford Localities is committed to providing training and support for all its staff and volunteers in order to maintain and continuously improve upon our standards of service.


Receipt of Complaint

1. On Complaints Reporting/Action Form record the following information:

  • Date of complaint,
  • Name of person receiving complaint,
  • Name of project/service,
  • Name of complainant/service user (if different),
  • Nature of complaint,
  • Name(s) of staff/volunteer(s) involved in the complaint,
  • Line Manager,
  • What outcome is expected by complainant?

2. Contact insurance company re: potential litigation if appropriate.

3. Send Complaints Recording/Action Form to staff/volunteer’s line manager with date sent.

4. Send copy to the Chief Executive/Chairman with date sent recorded.

Dealing With Complaint

5. Line manager to send letter of acknowledgement to complainant within 5 (five) working days of receipt.

6. Line manager to investigate complaint by interviewing complainant, relevant members of staff, volunteers or other service users as appropriate.

7. The line manager may refer the complaint on to the Chief Executive to investigate if felt more appropriate.

8. Record all actions taken to resolve complaint. Complaint to be resolved within 28 working days.

9.Inform complainant of action taken and outcome of investigation, with reasons.

10. Inform complainant of further action they may take if not satisfied. The complaint then becomes formal and is passed on to the Chairman.

Complaint Referred To Chairman

11. The Chairman will convene a Review Panel within 21 working days.

12. The Review Panel will carefully review the procedure and investigation undertaken and decide on the appropriateness of the decision reached and any actions taken.

13. The Chairman will inform the complainant of the outcome of the Review Panel's deliberations and any further action taken within 28 working days of receipt of the formal complaint.

14. The completed Complaints Recording/Action Form to be forwarded to the line manager/Chief Executive (recording date sent).

15. Copy of form sent to complainant (recording date sent).

Further Action Open To Complainant

16. If the complainant is not satisfied with the Review Panel’s decision, they should be informed of any possible further action they might take.

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