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AGM 2015

12 February 2016

On Friday 11th December 2015 we held our AGM at Dunstable Fire Station.

We were delighted to be joined by several attendees representing a range of services and organisations; including the Mayor of Dunstable and Mayor of Sandy. A lively discussion was entered into in the Workshop for Input to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) Review of Care for Older People after the AGM. We will compile a report from the feedback for the representatives who joined us from the CQC.


Our Trustees and CEO, Karen Perry thank everyone for their attendance and input into the AGM and workshop.

Mayor of Dunstable and Mayor of Sandy

Attendees at the AGM 2015Attendees at AGM 2015CEO Karen Perry at our AGM 2015

Attendees at AGM 2015

Following the workshop we compiled a report which can be seen below.


CQC Review of Integrated Care for Older People Report