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Day Opportunities

  • Location: Age UK Canterbury
  • Price: £25.00
Call 01227 462368 for more info

The charge for the day, including a lunch is £25.00 There is a further charge of £8.50 for picking people up and taking them home in our mini busses

Please note, if you reside outside this Age UK’s catchment area, the price for this service is £25.00.

Age UK Canterbury
The Centre
Castle Row
United Kingdom

Our Day Opportunities Centre provides a large range of opportunities for older people to meet and engage in social activities to promote well being

The Centre

The centre offers friendship and activities that encourage health and independence.
Over recent years we have developed and will continue to develop activities that involve people in physical and mental stimulation. This gives people greater choice and encouragement to get involved and, wherever possible, remain active.

Preventing Social Isolation

Preventing social isolation is recognised as being beneficial and can help prevent early admission to hospital or residential care.


Lunch is cooked fresh each day in our kitchens at  the centre, and of course tea, coffee and cold drinks are supplied throughout the day.

opening times

Our Well Being Centre is open from 9.30am to 2.30pm from Monday to Friday

To find out more, contact our Customer Services Manager, Teresa Chamberlain on 01227 462368.