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Healthy Workplace - October update from the Age UK Cornwall team

Published on 12 October 2021 01:44 PM

Let's get active! πŸƒπŸ€ΈπŸ‹οΈ

Today we're taking the opportunity to highlight the importance physical activity plays in helping us lead healthier lifestyles. We have listed a few ideas on how everyone could be more active:


πŸ• Take a break from your desk regularly

The HSE recommends getting up from your desk every hour for about 5-10 minutes. You can do this by making a drink, doing some photocopying and filing, or maybe taking a phone call standing up. However, many of us do forget, myself included, so try scheduling these tasks and breaks into your day, either using your calendar or phone to remind you.


πŸšΆβ™‚οΈ Go for a walk at lunch

Getting out for a walk at lunchtime can help you get some much-needed distance from your work, giving you the headspace you need to think about it more clearly when you get back. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to reduce anxiety levels and release tension. And you don’t have to do it alone. Why not go for a walk with a colleague or meet up with a friend.


πŸ§˜β™€οΈ Workout at home with the NHS’s Fitness Studio:

Did you know the NHS have created a range of online exercise videos for you to follow along? Take your pick from 24 instructor-led videos across aerobics exercise, strength and resistance, and pilates and yoga categories. You will also find workouts suitable for new mums, such as postnatal yoga, or health problems, such as pilates for back pain.


πŸ€Έβ™€οΈ Or Better at Home:

Partnered with Public Health England, Better have developed a portal offering access to a free library of 600 online fitness classes. You can sign up here and use BETTERATHOME as the free access code. Attached is a 3-week home workout plan also from Better created to help everyone stay healthy and active at home, whatever your fitness level.


πŸ’» Why not check out the Cornwall Link

The Cornwall Link is for everyone in the community to use and that includes us. At this moment there are 57 listings under Sport & fitness on the Cornwall Link. Why not have a look and see if there’s something for you.


πŸ₯€ And remember to stay hydrated

We all know that drinking water every day is important. Our bodies use water to maintain their temperature, remove waste, and lubricate our joints. If you plan on doing any physical activity, please remember to bring a bottle of water.


Did you know? It was National Fitness Day on Wednesday, September 22nd. Did you join in? If so, let us know. We would love to see you, and if you are interested in how other people across the nation took part, check out #FitnessDay on Twitter.

We hope you found this information interesting. If you have any health and wellbeing tips, information, or suggestions you would like to share, please let us know at

With warm wishes, stay safe,

The Healthy Workplace team

Home Workout Plan

Find an attached 3-week home workout plan from Better - created to help everyone stay healthy and active at home, whatever their fitness level.