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Govenek Community Hub launches a range of new activities for 2024 | Govenek News

Published on 12 May 2024 11:00 PM

Govenek Hub in Newquay launches a wide range of activities and a Warmth Hub. They would love older people, who live in the local community, to join them.

Age UK Cornwall’s Newquay Community Hub is helping people who are socially isolated, would like to regain their independence, or struggling due to an increase in their cost of living. The new range of activities are great fun, take place in a safe, warm environment and are aimed at improving health & wellbeing. 

We know that the increase in the cost of living is affecting those who are the most vulnerable. Rising living costs mean that many people won’t be able to make ends meet. Very often, a person will choose between eating/not eating or heating/no heating – unfortunately, this will mean that their health and well-being are negatively impacted. 

“Before joining Govenek, I found myself sitting at home. I was often cold and unable to leave the house – but now, Govenek will arrange my transport and help me join my friends twice a week. I can stay warm, enjoy a nice meal (or two) and take part in activities” Geoff

Age UK Cornwall warns that this is not an ideal situation to be in. Many people, especially older pensioners, have limited options. That’s why the work of Govenek is crucial, especially in this current climate. 

‘Govenek’, the Cornish word for ‘Hope’ has literally become a place of hope for the local community. The Hub provides a base of support that connects and empowers people like never before - the offer of the charity is vast and aims to reach those who struggle the most, especially during the cold season.

Govenek Community Hub provides essential outreach and support to people throughout Newquay and the surrounding areas. It is also the only Community Hub in Newquay focused on older people. 

With this in mind, the Community Hub has created an extensive timetable featuring several social and physical activities to give older people a warm space to engage, connect with others, and be listened to. The priority is to help improve mental, physical and emotional health.

Donna Smokvina, The Hub Manager, tells us, “There is something for everyone here. Whether you want to be creative and express yourself by doing crafts or gardening, you might enjoy more active pursuits, or enjoy a good natter and hot brew - you can do it all, and more, at Govenek."
"People who are local and live in Newquay and its neighbouring areas can come to Govenek to keep warm as we are one of the recognised Warmth Hubs in Cornwall. Monday until Friday, between the hours of 10 am - 2 pm, locals can pop by for a warm drink and a sweet treat."
"If you give our team a little notice and for a small donation, the Hub can arrange a hot meal - our goal is to inspire people in later life to Age Well” Donna


Activities timetable

Below is an extensive timetable of classes and services offered by Govenek. Enquiries or questions are always welcome. 

2024 - Activities Planner - Newquay Govenek - Updated May 24.png

Who to Contact

The general public can contact Govenek Hub Manager, Donna Smokvina at 01637 876 150 or by emailing