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Photo frame being held showing Ted and his wife. Quote says: "I'm worried about being forgotten"  - Ted

As lockdown lifts, help open a door for vulnerable older people

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By donating to Age UK today, you can help ensure our older generation aren't left behind.

Lockdown is lifting and front doors across the country are beginning to open again. But long-term health conditions, isolation and fear mean some of the UK’s most vulnerable older people are at risk of being forgotten.

Please help Age UK give older people the support they so urgently need.

Without our support, too many of our older generation could be left behind while our fast-paced world moves forward.

We need to be there for those who have no one on this long road to recovery.

With your help, Age UK could provide friendship services, local community support, and expert information and advice to help older people cope with the effects of lockdown. 

  • Our befrienders bring light into the lives of those facing loneliness, and a listening ear when someone needs to talk. 
  • Our network of 130 local Age UKs provide practical support to those living in isolation and at risk of malnutrition. 
  • Through our expert advice line, we provide answers and reassurance when they’re needed the most.
  • We campaign to make sure older people aren’t forgotten in decisions about how our society moves forward.


Your support is needed now more than ever by the older people who were hardest hit by coronavirus. As life moves forward, together we can help make sure older people who need us are not forgotten.

Age UK is a registered charity, registered charity no 1128267. Age UK will be raising funds on behalf of itself and local Age UKs who are also registered charities and The Silver Line helpline which is also a charity, registered charity number 1147330.

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