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Elaine and Michael together at home

Help us give more people a place to turn

With your support, Age UK can be there for older people like Elaine and Michael when they need us most.

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It's heartbreaking that 1.6 million older people go without the support they need – for everyday things, like getting up or preparing a meal. And many don’t know if they are eligible for care or how to get it.

Elaine and Michael

Elaine, 70, cares for her 75-year-old husband Michael after he suffered a life-changing brain injury. Michael needs support around the clock, but when Elaine asked for help with social care, she found it inconsistent and unreliable.

Like so many people during the pandemic, the couple faced added anxiety, worrying about professional carers coming into the home and posing an infection risk. Thankfully, a friend told Elaine to call the Age UK Advice Line and we were able to help.

You could help more people like Michael and Elaine

An Age UK Advice Line adviser

Your kind donation today could help us be there with the right information and support. You could ensure our experts answer as many calls as possible, reassuring people that someone cares and can help.

Age UK is calling for a sustainable solution to social care and your donation will help us make sure older people are represented. We are also researching and campaigning for long-term change to support the needs of future generations.

Please support Age UK today. Together we can give a voice to older people who, all too often, suffer in silence. Thank you. 

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