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'Call in Time' telephone befriending service and local befriending

Not having someone to talk to regularly can be lonely and isolating, particularly if you’re used to sharing your home and time with others.

Age UK Hythe and Lyminge can arrange for a local volunteer to "befriend" you. Opportunities for this free service depend on the availability of volunteers. Whether you want to volunteer or be befriended please call 01303 269602 to discuss the scheme.

Alternatively, a friendly chat on the phone can make all the difference. The national Age UK "Call In Time" telephone service comprises 'Friendship Calls' and 'Good Day Calls':

A Friendship Call is a weekly phone call (lasting normally around 20 minutes) from a trained and supported corporate volunteer.
A Good Day Call is a short call several times a week, at a time that suits you best, for an initial period of 8 weeks. This can provide a little reassurance when people most need it - for example, if an older person has experienced a recent bereavement or just come out of hospital.
To date, the service has supported over 500 people in a variety of different situations. We have received lots of positive feedback from those who have used the service about the benefits it brings to them.

But don't just take our word for it, hear from people who have tried it themselves such as Barbara, who suffered the loss of her daughter and husband, she said:

'As time passes, I’m feeling much better, but I couldn’t have coped without the support I got from the Call in Time team.'

Read about Barbara’s experience of the Call in Time service.