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Complete the Everest Base Camp Trek Challenge

Published on 10 February 2024 05:15 AM

A Journey for a Cause

Welcome to our blog, where we're excited to share an incredible opportunity that goes beyond the ordinary and promises to make a lasting impact in our local community.

The Adventure

This coming Autumn, our team comprising myself, Emma-Jayne, and our inspiring client, Sam, who bravely faces Alzheimer's, will be embarking on the Everest Base Camp Trek on the Nepalese side (south side). Renowned as one of the most popular trekking routes in the Himalayas, this journey demands physical endurance, mental resilience, and unwavering determination.

Our three-week expedition, set to kick off on the 14th of October, is not just a personal challenge but a symbolic representation of overcoming obstacles—something individuals like Sam do every day.

The Cause

Our mission is two-fold: to conquer the Everest Base Camp and to raise over £30,000 for a cause close to our hearts. All funds collected will stay within our community and be donated to Age UK Hythe, Lyminge, and Ashford. These funds are vital for supporting those living with Dementia. Currently, our Lyminge hub hosts the only bespoke (secure) Dementia unit in the area, and we aim to expand our capacity to offer more individuals the opportunity to attend our facility.

How You Can Help

We are reaching out to local businesses for support. Your collaboration can take the form of sponsorship or a donation. In return, we offer various contribution packages, providing exposure for your brand/business on our social media platforms, newsletters, and community hubs. Imagine the impact of making Age UK Hythe, Lyminge, and Ashford your charity of the year.


Get Involved

Join us in this incredible opportunity to make a difference in our community. Your support will not only contribute to a noble cause but also provide exposure for your brand, fostering a sense of community engagement. Contact us at 01303 269602 to express your interest or for more details.

Thank you for considering this opportunity. Your involvement will not only make a difference but will also leave a lasting impact on our community.

Our Commitments and Key Points

Q – Are you self-funding the trip?
A – Cleo and the team are self-funding the trip, insurance and equipment and all money raised goes directly to support Age UK Hythe, Lyminge and Ashford’s services for those living with Dementia.

Q – What commitments are you having to make to get yourselves ready for the challenge?
A – We are at the gym 3-4 nights a week which we have managed to get sponsorship for, and the park runs on Saturdays, there’s no time for socialising!

Q. What other changes have you had to make to your lifestyle.
A – Emma has given up smoking, none of us are drinking, (well only on birthdays) and we have all had to change our eating habits and cut out our favourite treats!