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Secondhand Shopping with Age UK Medway

Published on 13 September 2023 12:15 PM

We are passionate about our charity shop because it gives people the opportunity to buy truly unique, one-of-a-kind items for a fraction of the price they would cost brand new, all whilst knowing that every penny they spend goes towards the vital work that we do at Age UK Medway to support our older communities.

But there’s actually another reason we love our shop, and that’s because as a charity shop which relies on donations, we are helping to support the environment by encouraging secondhand shopping too!

It’s no secret that the fast fashion industry is taking its toll on the planet, being responsible for a devastating amount of CO2 emissions, not to mention the relentless cycle of waste created due to the poor quality of the clothes and the ‘in and out’ fashion trends they follow.

Because of the many ethical and environmental issues around fast fashion, many people are now turning to secondhand shopping as a form of activism, to reduce their carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet, and we at Age UK Medway will be doing our part to raise awareness of all the benefits of secondhand shopping.

Reasons to Shop Secondhand:

  • Save money
  • Find rare and unqiue items
  • Save the planet!

We chatted to two of our regular charity shop customers, Chloe and Eliza, to find out why secondhand shopping is important to them and what their top tips are for people new to shopping in this way. Chloe and Eliza both run blogs about their passion for secondhand shopping on Instagram and regularly share their thrifted treasures with their followers.

A chat with Chloe!

Chloe Jayne

Chloe Jayne is a blogger from Kent sharing her secondhand styles with her followers.  Her Preloved Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, Preloved Possibilities, can be found here

How often do you shop secondhand?

I love shopping second-hand and do so frequently, particularly from charity shops.

What do you like about secondhand shopping?

Every trip is unique and it is finding those gems that excites me. You can never have a boring trip to a charity shop; there will always be something that catches your eye. I love the fashion aspect of second-hand shopping, especially being able to source my clothing in more sustainable ways; I can create unique outfits that represent me without supporting fast fashion. (Right: Chloe in her summer trousers from Age UK Medway's Charity Shop).

What tips would you give to a new secondhand shopper?

Always expect the unexpected when you shop secondhand; you can find beautiful vintage items or brand new clothing with tags. Be open-minded and enjoy the search as much as you enjoy the items you find.

What's your favourite secondhand item?

I have lots of clothing that I treasure from charity shops. I love the Age UK Medway shop in Gillingham; I have a cute print t-shirt and lovely summer trousers. They always have great finds in there! (Left: Chloe in her Whitney T-Shirt from Age UK Medway's Charity Shop).


A chat with Eliza!

Eliza Trumpe

Eliza uses Instagram to share her secondhand style with her followers, and also runs her own vintage clothing and interior shop, Astrid Is Out, which you can view here.

How often do you shop secondhand?

95% of the time – I’ve been second-hand shopping for a very long time, so I see it as my main way of shopping, and shopping ‘new’ as a secondary option.

What do you like about second-hand shopping?

The list is long, but I personally really enjoy the process; you never know what you will find and the search for me is kind of therapeutic. Obviously it’s better for the planet and your wallet too, and when shopping in charity shops I know my money goes towards a good cause. (Right: Eliza in her sunglasses from Age UK Medway Charity Shop).

What tips would you give to a new second-hand shopper?

Don’t skip – really look at things, and it’s never a bad time to check out your local charity shop because one day your gem item is there, and the next it is gone. I incorporate a charity shop visit whenever I run errands and have some extra time. And a very important message – if you do second-hand shopping, tell people about it and encourage others to do so too. (Left: Eliza in her Ralph Lauren Shirt from Age UK Medway Charity Shop).

What’s your favourite second-hand item?

Oh, that’s a hard question for someone who really likes clothes, but currently it’s a vintage red puffer jacket from the 70s and a striped men’s Ralph Lauren shirt I found at the Age UK Medway shop in Gillingham.


Start your secondhand shopping journey today!

It’s not just clothes that secondhand shopping is great for. Charity shops receive all sorts of amazing bric-a-brac as donations and looking through the homeware sections can be so exciting. You can decorate your home with the most unique, amazing quality items that have a history to tell, rather than buying items in the same price range from big stores that tend to be of cheaper quality.

Start your secondhand shopping journey and visit our shop:

19 Skinner Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1HD

And don’t forget to tag us in your finds on social media: @skinnerstshop

We can't wait to see your favourite finds!