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If you're worried about your memory, it's well worth talking to your GP. An early diagnosis may help you get the right treatment and support in place in good time.

A doctor may also be able to reassure you that you don't have dementia but finding out sooner rather than later can also give friends and family valuable time to adjust, and can help them prepare for the future.

At the GP’s surgery

If you are worried about memory loss, it is recommended that you go to your GP as soon as possible for a check-up. Your GP will ask you some questions, do a quick memory test and arrange some blood tests. If they think you may have dementia they will refer you to the Memory Service for a specialist assessment.

A timely diagnosis will enable you to live well with dementia for longer. Your GP can assist by helping you to stay physically fit, providing you with information and helping to get a range of support for you, your family and other carers. Depending on the type of dementia you have, they may give you medication for your dementia.

If you have dementia, your GP should offer you a review each year. This will cover your physical health, mental health and social care needs, as well as checking your medications and making sure that your family/carers have support if they need it. It is important to have a review each year, so do book one with your GP.


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