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The aim of this policy is to ensure that complaints are treated as a means of addressing problems and as an opportunity to improve the quality of our services. You should feel confident in the knowledge that the complaints or concerns raised will be dealt with promptly, efficiently and openly, in a fair manner and that the complaints procedure is effectively implemented and consistently applied.

AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST also aims to learn from all complaints and compliments and ensures that this is reflected in its Improvement Plans.

Policy Statement

AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST seeks to resolve all complaints about its services in an effective and timely manner by working with individual complainants to find a resolution. AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST endeavours to resolve complaints more effectively by responding personally, positively and promptly.

We will deal with complaints in a fair and transparent way, treating those who make them with courtesy and respect.

To ensure equality of access to the complaint’s procedures the provision of advocacy and/or interpretative support will be provided for complainants in line with their individual requirements. AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST welcomes the opportunity to learn and continuously improve our services.

Duty of Candour

AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST aims for its complaint process to empower the complainant to raise a complaint freely in the knowledge that they will be listened to and their concern acted upon. Actions taken will be shared with the complainant and this information would be shared with staff (where appropriate), stakeholders and regulators for openness and transparency. Responses would be clear with solutions offered and learnings identified.

Complaints Procedure


AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST keeps a record of both verbal and written complaints in a central complaints log with ownership identified. A copy of this is placed in a bespoke complaint file. All evidence and investigations are kept in this file. Complainants have the right to access any information recorded about them, as required under the Data Protection Act, and to be assured that any information kept by AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST is only seen by those with legitimate need to know. Such records will be kept confidential, in compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1998.

Verbal Complaints

AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST treats all complaints seriously and the staff member who receives the complaint will endeavour to solve the problem immediately. If the staff member cannot solve the problem, then he/she should aim to pass the caller to the Manager/CEO or to take sufficient information to leave a message for the manager. All staff will remain calm and respectful, whilst treating the complainant in a polite courteous and customer focused apologetic manner.

After the problem has been discussed, either the member of staff dealing with the problem or the Manager/CEO will suggest a course of action. If the suggested course of action is acceptable, this will be confirmed in writing. If the suggested course of action is not acceptable then the Manager/CEO will ask the complainant to put their complaint in writing. All complaints will be logged, and ownership identified.

Written Complaints

When AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST receives a written complaint, it will be passed to the CEO who will record it on the Complaints Log and send a letter of acknowledgement within five working days. The CEO is the named person who deals with all written complaints.

The complaint will be fully investigated by the CEO and any further information required will be obtained. AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST will resolve any written complaint within 28 working days. However, if we cannot resolve the complaint within this timeframe, we will keep in contact with the complainant during the investigation advising of any progress until the investigation is complete.

The CEO will endeavour to meet with the complainant during the investigation to gather as much information as possible and the CEO will also speak or meet with the complainant at the end of the investigation to advise of the outcome. A written report detailing the outcome of the investigation will be sent to the complainant.

Appeal Process

If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, an appeal can be lodged with a Trustee of AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST who will investigate the complaint and will endeavour to resolve any outstanding issues. Copies of the complaint will be kept in the AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST complaint file.

Compliments Procedure

AGEUK SOUTH KENT COAST welcomes compliments received with respect to our services.

All compliments will be recorded and kept on file. We would pass on compliments to our staff. For transparency compliments are displayed on a central board at our head office for all to see.

The compliments will also be analysed and form part of our quality assurance process.

Organisation Contact

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AgeUK South Kent Coast
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