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Good Nutrition and Hydration is important


Losing weight, having a reduced appetite or being dehydrated are not part of ageing and should not be dismissed simply as “old age” as they can make you ill.

If you contact us for support from any of our services our staff and volunteers may ask you questions about your eating and drinking – this is because we want to make sure you are keeping well.  Many older people are at risk of malnutrition and dehydration and its our mission to prevent that as much as we can in Trafford.  So we are not being just being “nosy” – we are asking for a good reason!

You can find links to information below – if you want to ask more, or you know or care for someone you are worried about then give us a ring.  We have a lot of resources to help you plan better eating and drinking habits to ensure you don’t become dehydrated or malnourished.

Advice on good nutrition and hydration

Eating and drinking well 

Hydration & Weight Loss Prevention

Hydration Poster

Kitchen - Snacks

Kitchen - Food Fortification

Shopping for a friend

Meal Delivery Services

Store Cupboard Recipe Ideas


Dementia family/friends/carers guide