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New Year New Us

Published on 10 January 2024 10:55 AM

We have merged

Age UK Worcester & Malvern Hills have merged with Age UK Hereford & Localities to form a single entity named Age UK Worcester, Malvern Hills & Hereford Localities.

Going forward, there will be changes across our platforms to reflect this merger. Many of these changes will simply be visual or behind the scenes (legal), including the chaging of our name and logo (above). Rest assured, there will be little to no effect on the crucial support services or activities that we provide. 

In fact, it is our vision that the merger will enhance the delivery of current and additional services across a wider geographical area more cost effectively through economies of scale and the spread of best practices across the new organisation.

Age UK Worcester, Malvern Hills & Hereford Localities aim to make a positive difference to the lives of older people by providing services that help maintain self-respect, dignity and independence, provide support as needed and serve to enhance the quality of everyday life.

We are aiming to have completed the additional work that a merger brings, within the next few months. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding or merger, please do contact us below. 

Contact us

We are here to help you. Visit our contact us page to find all the ways you can get in touch with Age UK Worcester, Malvern Hills & Hereford Localities.

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