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When and where? 

Tuesday: 14:00pm - 16:00pm at Age UK Worcester & District, Bank House, 7 Shaw Street, Worcester, WR1 3QQ. (Shown on map above).

What do we do?

All things crafting and nattering. Though our favourite thing to do is knitting and helping Age UK Worcester & District reach their Big Knit 2018 bobble hat targets. Throughout the year various events take place to which the theme of our crafting changes. Christmas and Easter are big events where we have themed crafting. Free tea and coffee is available. Come and join us to be a knitter and have a natter.

What will it cost?

Nothing. This club is completely free!

The Big Knit 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the huge total this year.

1.5 million hats were collected nationwide, of which we contributed around 7500.

The hats will be displayed atop Innocent Smoothie Drinks this November so keep your eyes peeled in stores. Remember Innocent will donate 25p for every drink sold.

Find out more about the Big Knit

Interested in joining?

Head on over to our contact us page to express you're interest in this club. You can submit a contact form or call us directly to join or volunteer.

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