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Our History

How did Age Concern come about?

In response to the large number of older people who were evacuated from cities during 1939/40 the National Council of Social Services set up an old People's Welfare Committee. The objectives of this committee were to "study the needs of old people and encourage and promote measures for their wellbeing". By 1955 this committee had become the "National Old People's Welfare Committee" and at a local level, including Hertfordshire, Old People's Welfare Committees were pioneering services such as meals on wheels, home help and day centres.

In 1970 the Council became independent from the National Council of Social Services and adopted the name "Age Concern". Age Concern England was formed in 1973 and since then the national network has expanded rapidly, made up of independent groups all working to improve the quality of life for older people.

Since then the Federation of Age Concerns has been formed. All Age Concerns belong to the Federation and have to meet quality standards in order to do so. Age Concern services are funded in a number of ways and Age Concerns in different parts of the country provide different services.

When Age Concern and Help the Aged merged they formed a new charity called Age UK which was launched in May 2010. Age Concern Hertfordshire was an early adopter of the brand and is now called Age UK Hertfordshire.