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Digital Inclusion

  • Location: Age UK Hertfordshire
  • Price: Free
Call 0300 345 3446 for more info

Age UK Hertfordshire
1st Floor, Beane Bridge House
34 Chambers Street
SG14 1PL
United Kingdom

We are offering home visits to help people use a tablet and get online. This service is free of charge and we can do more than one visit.

We are able to provide a free device to those struggling financially, based on availability.

We can help you with the following:

Social Media
Online safety (eg scams/fraud)
Online Shopping            
Researching information
Games and leisure activities            
Booking online GP appointments
Using Office products            
Accessing News and media
Streaming TV and videos            
Transferring photos

Case Study

Mrs A was 86 and had been bought a tablet as a present by her family. She had not used one before and had very little knowledge or experience with using the internet. She attended one of the groups on a regular basis and when she heard that tablet training was going to be offered she immediately notified the supervisor of the club that she was interested. During the session she was very attentive and asked several questions about using the tablet and the basic interface. The tablet she had been bought was a similar make and size to the ones used for the training so she was able to apply what she learned during the session to her own tablet which enhanced the learning experience for her.

After the training session she requested a 1-2-1 session which was provided for her shortly afterwards. During this session she gained the knowledge to use online shopping for groceries which was becoming a problem for her due to declining mobility. She also gained the skills to use email so she can now stay in regular contact with her family to reduce her isolation but to also show that she is using her tablet.
Mrs A has already requested future sessions to develop her skills and knowledge.

How to get in contact

Please contact our Information & Advice team on 0300 345 3446 or email

Professionals can request a referral form through our Information & Advice team. Please ensure it is password protected when returning it, with the password in a separate email.