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Age UK Hertfordshire, in collaboration with North Herts CVS and Hertfordshire County Council Public Health, are proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative to transform Hertfordshire into an Age-Friendly Community, making it the only 2-tier authority currently aiming for accreditation.                                        

This joint venture will involve working with residents, local organisations and government bodies, and the national Centre for Ageing Better with the aim of ensuring older people in Hertfordshire are valued, and able to live well throughout later life, with a vision to make Hertfordshire the best county to age in.

What Does It Mean to Be an Age-Friendly Community?

An Age-friendly Community is a supportive environment where individuals can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling later life. It is a place where residents can engage in meaningful activities, and actively contribute to their communities for as long as possible. A community where the physical and social environments are designed to enable older residents to enjoy good health, and participate fully in society. This involves adapting structures and services to be accessible and inclusive, in addition to challenging ageism.

Why Is This Initiative Necessary?

By 2043, its estimated that over 23% of Hertfordshire residents will be over 65 years old, compared with the current 18%.


This means that the proportion of older people in the county is expected to increase significantly. As our population ages, it is crucial to address the challenges and opportunities that come with an ageing society. Creating an Age-Friendly Hertfordshire will not only improve the quality of life for our older residents but also benefit the entire community by fostering a more inclusive, supportive, and vibrant environment. This initiative can reduce health and social care costs and social isolation, improve mental health, increase volunteerism, and stimulate local economies by encouraging older adults to remain active and engaged.

How Can You Get Involved?

This is a collaborative project, and we need your help! The first 12 months we will be working with residents, local organisations and the national Centre for Ageing Better to engage and understand our current status and what’s needed to make Hertfordshire an “age friendly” county. We will be conducting a resident survey to hear the voices of older people directly. From this, an evaluation report will summarise our strengths and opportunities to do more, whilst an action plan will identify what’s needed to ensure sustainable, movement towards an “age friendly” status.

We invite residents, community groups, businesses, and voluntary sector organisations to join us in this vital endeavour. Let us know about any projects currently underway that align with our goals, or your interest in including older people in future strategy planning. Your insights, experiences, and support are crucial to making Hertfordshire the best county to age in.

How to Register Your Interest

To contribute to making Hertfordshire an Age-Friendly Community, and be kept updated with this initiative please contact: