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  • 'Free IT Help' scam in COVID-19 crisis

    Published on 01 April 2020 01:38 PM

    Businesses and the public alike are seeing a huge rise in ‘phishing’ emails which attempt to take advantage of the...

  • Beware of COVID-19 Scams

    Published on 26 March 2020 02:12 PM

    Unscrupulous criminals are exploiting fears about COVID-19 to prey on members of the public, particularly older and...

  • Interview - 'Older people in prisons and in the workplace'

    Published on 24 March 2020 01:36 PM

    A week before the COVID-19 outbreak our Head of Engagement, Rosalind Wyllie, met with Boe from BBC Three Counties Rad...

  • COVID-19 Related Scams

    Published on 16 March 2020 04:45 PM

    Fraudsters are exploiting the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus to facilitate various types of fraud and cyber crime....

  • COVID-19 - Offers of help

    Published on 16 March 2020 04:29 PM

    We are humbled and encouraged by your offers of help as we are co-ordinate our services to fit with the latest...

  • COVID-19

    Published on 05 March 2020 12:39 PM

    We know that many people are concerned about what they are hearing on the news about the new coronavirus, COVID-19. W...

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