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Clitheroe Health and Wellbeing Centre is our brilliant new venue for older people in Watford and Three Rivers.

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agematters winter 2014

Download your copy here

Welcome to the heartwarming winter issue of your favourite magazine. In this issue: 

Sir Terry Wogan talks about his career, his latest publication 'The Little Book of Common Sense' and why "kindness matters".

Our InTouch Team celebrate their 5th Birthday. This vital service provides telephone support to older people who are facing challenging times in their lives.

Former BBC TV Correspondent, Bill Hamiton thrills clients at Douglas Tilbe House Health and Wellbeing Centre with tales of narrow escapes, marble palaces and Scottish snowdrifts.

We get in a spin about roundabouts. Did you know the UK's first roundabout is in Letchworth?

Find out if you are entitled to Pension Credit.



agematters winter 2014 - warm and welcoming

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