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Our Mission Statement

Working for and with local older people

Our mission is: to promote the wellbeing of all older people and to help make later life a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Our values


Caring; effective; enabling; influencing and innovative

Caring: We act with understanding, sensitivity and respect in our dealings with older people and with each other. There are expectations of confidentiality and equal opportunity and a commitment to involving users. This is demonstrated very clearly in our day centres around the County;

Effective: We make the best use of our resources to achieve our purpose so we can make a positive difference to the lives of older people. We in Hertfordshire are very fortunate that the County Council does recognise the effectiveness of our work and grants us funds to meet our objectives;

Enabling: We help older people to achieve for themselves what they want in their lives, by working alongside them in the pursuit of their own objectives;

Influencing: We recognise that the interests of older people are complex and diverse. Our involvement with the County Steering Group on the National Service Framework for Older People's Services ensures that the focus will be on the needs of the users;

Innovative: We strive to identify new and changing needs and look for novel and creative ways to address them.


Updated: 18.06.15