We value diversity in all that we do. We recognise and welcome the diversity of older adults and their different needs, choices, cultures and values and the diversity of our volunteers, supporters and staff. We believe that it is only through working together that we can use our local, regional and national presence to the greatest effect.

Equal opportunities statement

  • Age UK Waltham Forest recognises that certain individuals and groups in society suffer discrimination. Age UK Waltham Forest is positively committed to opposing discrimination on the grounds of age, race, colour, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, disability, gender, marital status or sexual orientation, or disadvantage by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.
  • Age UK Waltham Forest acknowledges its duty to ensure that it does not engage in direct or indirect discrimination in its own employment and management practices, in the services it provides and in its policies. In the course of its work it will oppose the practices of others where these conflict with this statement and the equal opportunities policies adopted by Age UK Waltham Forest.
  • Age UK Waltham Forest will work actively toward ensuring that its services and resources are relevant to all elderly people and are perceived by them as being so.
  • Age UK Waltham Forest will provide services and facilities which meet special needs as appropriate.
  • Age UK Waltham Forest will ensure that written equal opportunities polices are developed for all aspects of its work and implement programmes of action to ensure such policy is put into practice.
  • Age UK Waltham Forest welcomes the enrichment that follows as a natural consequence of this statement.
  • Age UK Waltham Forest's Board and Director will assume primary responsibility for ensuring equal opportunities policies are developed, implemented and monitored.
  • All Age UK Waltham Forest's members, employees and volunteers will be expected to adhere to the organisation's equal opportunities policy in the course of their work with, or on behalf of Age UK Waltham Forest.