Social Inclusion Project Penistone Area

There are over 4,000 people aged 65+ living in the Penistone area. For some people later life brings challenges that can lead to social isolation or loneliness. It might be due to poor health, difficulties getting out and about, living alone or simply not knowing about the variety of activities on offer or not being able to get to them. 

What does the Social Inclusion Project do?

Community involvement. Local people will be involved by contributing their local knowledge and ideas and acting as ‘eyes on the ground’ to keep a lookout for older people who might be isolated or lonely.
Group activities. The project will support existing groups and set up new groups with local people.

Good Neighbour Scheme. The Good Neighbour Scheme will provide practical and social 1:1 support for older people who need a bit of extra help. Examples include collecting shopping or a prescription when someone can’t get to the shops, popping in to see someone if they’re not well, doing a simple task in the house such as clearing snow or fallen leaves to keep someone safe.
The Transport Scheme will provide lifts for older people who do not have their own car and are unable to use public transport. It will also provide Travel Companions for people who would like to use public transport with a companion.

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For more information and find out how you can get involved:

Telephone 01226 776820


This project is funded by Penistone Area Council