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Tackling the digital divide

Published on 23 October 2023 11:27 AM

We are committed to tackling the digital divide in older people across the area; through the provision of our Digital Inclusion and Tablet Loan Schemes. 

Many people over 55 are struggling with technology, be the device a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. If you feel you are in that category, you are not alone. The latest figures show that 35% of adults aged 50-70 and 70% of the over-70s do not use the internet. With so many everyday tasks increasingly only accessible online, it is easy to see that this ‘exclusion’ can often add to older people’s feelings of isolation and loneliness.

We have made it our mission to support as many over-55s as possible to overcome their fear of the internet and enjoy the benefits of being online. These can include sending and receiving emails, filling in online forms, sharing photos and videos, watching favourite films and TV programmes, and doing online shopping and banking.

Our service is offered for free and we can even able to loan any necessary hardware for free during the support period. We have 12 local volunteer tutors (usually people who work/have worked with technology) currently supporting individuals with face-to-face sessions in our Worcester and Malvern offices. We can also provide home visits where mobility is an issue.

Experience has shown that most clients do not want to learn the ins and outs of a particular program such as Word or Excel but are much more likely to want to solve problems like connecting with the internet, setting up their device to suit their needs or finding out how to utilise the benefits from this or that online application.

Often clients have been given unwanted devices (with the briefest of handovers) by well-meaning children or grandchildren and they are a bit flummoxed - at the outset we ask them to bring their device along with a list of their questions and our tutors will do their best to sort out the issues one by one!

Find out how we could help you or someone you know below:

How we are tackling the Digital Divide

  • Computer Classes

    We offer computer classes for older people who are looking to start using a computer for the first time or are looking to improve their skill set further.

    Make the most out of technology

    • Bespoke training on laptops, tablets, and smartphones
    • No confusing techy talk with our training
    • No set course - start, finish, and progress at a rate comfortable to you
    • Each session is 60 minutes long
    • Equipment is available - you need not bring anything unless you'd prefer to
    • And more...

    Find out more 

  • Tablet Loan Scheme

    Are you interested in exploring what the internet has to offer, but do not have the technology to do so? Our Tablet Loan Scheme is perfect to enable you to explore the internet at your own pace.

    Register for a FREE tablet loan, which for 6-8 weeks can provide you with:

    • A tablet computer
    • An internet connection
    • Tailored one-to-one support / tuition from an expert Digital Champions
    • Peripheral aids for those who may be living with hearing, sight or dexterity conditions

    Find out more 

A Digital Inclusion Story

A local author who spent 18 months under Age UK Worcester & Malvern Hills' Digital Inclusion service, learning new skills and developing existing ones, tells of her experience of the service.

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