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There are many ways to get involved and make a difference to older people in Gloucestershire, volunteering can make such an impact on both your local community and yourself.

Volunteering can take many different forms, find what's right for you below!

We have a real mix of opportunities for people who would like to volunteer to support older people in Gloucestershire. Whether you can make a regular commitment or only have a little time to give, we have something to suit you!

Everyone has life experiences, skills, talents and abilities that can make a huge difference in helping people enjoy later life.

We also understand that everyone has their own personal reasons for taking on a volunteering role, and we're keen to hear why you would like to join us. You may have more time on your hands post retirement and would like some structure to your days. Perhaps you have specific skills you'd like to use or develop. Maybe you want to learn new things and bolster your CV.  You might like to meet new people in a supportive environment. Or perhaps you want to give back to your local community?  Whatever your reasons for wanting to volunteer, we can work with you to find the right role for you.  

If you would like to join our volunteer community, take a look at the current opportunities below and get in touch today to tell us what you'd like to try! Call our Head of People, Sue Scrivens on 07355 032588 or email to change your life today.

If you don't find a role that you feel suits you right now, please do get in contact so we can chat about what could work better for you.

Here are some of our opportunites right now: 

Support our Help Team

  • Help someone remain safe and comfortable

    Attendance Allowance is paid to older people who need help completing daily self-care task. It can make a huge difference to have this financial support as it can allow people to remain independent and comfortable. Could you support people with their applications?

  • Help someone remain active and independent

    Our Help Team need volunteers to support older people with Blue Badge Applications. Blue Badges can allow people to remain active and independent which can impact massively on wellbeing. Would you be able to support someone with their form?

Engage with your local community

  • Make sure people feel safe and reassured after their stay in hospital

    After a stay in hospital people may find themselves anxious and uncertain about heading back home. Our Out of Hospital Team are there for people as they head home, ensuring people have access to the right information and assistance as they resettle. Would you be able to make this transition more comfortable for older people near you?

  • Help older people in need of IT support

    Our Digital Champions project aims to motivate and inspire people to get online and make good use of their devices at home to keep informed, connected and safe. As a Digital Champion you will be chatting with people who need this support (whether that be in person. over the phone or video calling) to help increase their confidence online and find ways they could utilise technologies. Would you like to share your knowledge?

Spread the word about Age UK Gloucestershire!

  • Share our publications and more with your local community

    We often have magazines, booklets and leaflets which we distribute around the county to make sure our services are accessible to people without an internet connection. If you prefer working behind the scenes or would enjoy travelling round to different community settings, this could be a great role for you!

  • Spend time sharing information at our Hospital Hub

    We've been given an incredible opportunity to have an Information Hub in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, a space to pass on guidance to people and their families within the hospital. If you would enjoy chatting to new people and helping pass on valuable information to those in need, find out more below.

Trustee Vacancies

Due to the end of existing terms, we’re looking for a number of new trustees to join our Board. We’re looking for people who can share their wide range of skills and experiences and want to be involved in helping us make the biggest difference possible to the older people of Gloucestershire.

Find out more

Need more information?  Here are our FAQ’s about volunteering with Age UK Gloucestershire.

Change a Life. Change Yours.  Do it today!

Why should I volunteer?

Volunteering is great!  It makes a real difference to your community and also to your own life.  There are our top reasons for volunteering:

  • Helping other people is the BEST way to feel positive about life
  • Learn a new skill
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Share your skills and talents
  • Gain experience/boost your CV
  • Surprise yourself!
  • Improve your mental (and physical) health
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Give back to your local community
  • Be a part of our fantastic community, and support a cause you care about


Can I volunteer?

Yes!  Everyone has something to offer – you just need to be over the age of 18


How much time do I need?

It depends on what you’d like to do, and how much time you have.  Some people give a couple of hours occasionally, some give several hours every week.  Some of our roles require a regular time commitment and some are flexible and ad hoc.  We can match your skills and availability with the opportunities we have available. Talk to us about what would work for you.


How do I get started?

Take a look at the roles listed on our website for examples of the roles we currently have available. Even if you don’t see something matching your skills, please call Sue on 07355 032588 or email to discuss how you can get involved.