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The Hospital to Home Team

Hospital to Home


ØImprove patient experience

ØReduce preventable admissions and readmissions

ØReduce length of stay

ØSupport safe discharge  

ØTransport them home safely and settle them in their home

ØHospital to Home provide short term community based support across Leeds 

ØSecure longer term support from Age UK Leeds as well as local third sector & community organisations

ØProvide support to patients & families to enable timely transfers of care to independent care homes  

  Reducing preventable admissions and readmissions to hospital by supporting patients over 60 in Leeds

Hospital to Home provides a transport service to enable a timely safe discharge from hospital. Support is then provided to ensure that the patient is settled at home with further support provided to secure long term support from Age UK Leeds services or other third sector organisations.

The Hospital to Home service provides support to Leeds residents aged 60+ who have attended A&E or had a short stay in hospital on the assessment units at St James Hospital in Leeds. 

Please note we do not provide any personal care.

Contact us
Hospital To Home
St James's Hospital
Tel: 0113 206 5052

Appropriate patients will be identified within St James's Hospital by staff. 

Contact: Hospital To Home Manager - Eliza Clayton,

St James's Hospital, Leeds