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We will run courses approximately every 6 weeks during term time. Each course consists of 6 two-and-a-half hour sessions, one a week for six consecutive weeks, on the same morning or afternoon.

Course topics are as follows:

First Steps

An introduction to computers and the internet for beginners or for people who want to brush up their computer skills. 

Internet and Email

This teaches you how to use the internet and email in more detail and includes how to send and receive email attachments, how to send links to websites in emails and how to download and install new programs from the internet.

Computer Housekeeping

This course is designed to help people keep their computer running smoothly and in a well organised way. The course is also to help people avoid some of the most common perils that can be encountered on the Internet such as viruses, spyware, malware and phishing. 

Get To Grips with your Tablet/Smartphone

A course for people who own a tablet or smartphone (Android or Ipad/Iphone) or for those who are considering buying one. The course covers subjects such as browsing the web, using email, connecting to wifi, making and receiving calls, using voicemail, sending and receiving texts, adding/deleting/editing contact information, downloading new apps, uninstalling apps, organising your desktop. Participants are encouraged to use their own device for this course but we can provide a tablet for those who do not have a smartphone or tablet of their own. We can offer advice if you don't own a suitable device and wish to buy one before the course begins. Contact Mark on 07941 429510.

Digital Imaging

This course teaches general computing skills through the medium of managing pictures. Subjects include filing, backing up and 'syncing' your pictures across various devices as well as sharing pictures with friends and family and searching for and saving pictures from the Internet.

All courses are taught at a gentle pace and there is no pressure or exam at the end. There is always time to ask questions or go over things again.

Our courses are run roughly in correspondence to school terms. Whatever your experience, even if you have never used computers before, we will help you find the course that is right for you.

We can also run courses out in the community for organisations who support older people. If you have a venue with wifi and at least 8 older people wanting to participate please get in touch on the number below.

For more information contact our AdminTeam on 0113 389 3000 or email 


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