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Age UK South Lakeland always aims to provide the best possible service. However, things can always go wrong, or a service may not be delivered in the way that best suits a client. If such a case ever arises, please let us know as quickly as possible, so that we can do our best to set things right.

We also want to know which things you think we do well and any suggestions for how we can improve services. If you have a comment, suggestion or indeed a compliment, please let us know!

How to Make a Complaint

What to Expect if You Make a Complaint

  • You will receive a prompt and clear response from Age UK South Lakeland.
  • Rest assured that any complaint will always be treated in strict confidence.
  • We will ensure that you are kept fully informed of the progress of your complaint in addition to the eventual outcome.
  • Your right to any service provided by Age UK South Lakeland will never be impacted if you have made a complaint.
  • To not be subject to discrimination of any form if you have made a complaint.

How We Handle Complaints

Your complaint will go through a multi-stage procedure involving several members of staff before it reaches the eventual resolution stage. A complete log of this procedure will be kept at every stage and stored on our secure database.

Stage 1: Submitting Your Complaint

In many cases, complaints can be resolved quickly with a simple conversation. As such, we encourage you to first speak to either the manager of the service with which you have a complaint, or to another staff member whom you feel comfortable approaching with your issue. They will do their best to resolve any issues you might have, wherever possible.

Alternatively, if you have submitted a complaint in writing, you should expect to receive a response from Age UK South Lakeland within 5 working days. This response will either be in writing or via telephone – you may request that your response be one or the other in your written complaint. This response will initially be to acknowledge receipt of your complaint and to get any necessary clarification about the details of the issue.

If your complaint requires further investigation than a single conversation can provide, we will ask for you to fill out a “Comments, Suggestions & Complaints” form for us to review. We aim to send a letter of acknowledgement back to you within 3 days, before arranging a formal meeting with you and conducting a full internal investigation.

When this process is complete we will inform you in writing with the conclusions of the investigation and the reasons for the outcome. We will also keep you informed of the progress of this investigation throughout the process.

Stage 2: Appealing Your Complaint

If you are not happy with the response from Age UK South Lakeland at the conclusion of the first Stage, you will have the opportunity to respond. If the complaint cannot be resolved internally at this stage, we will provide advice on how to approach an appropriate external authority, such as the local government Ombudsman or the Financial Ombudsman Service. Full contact details for the relevant point of contact will be provided to you, as well as the time limits to register your complaint.

For further information, you can download a copy of our full Complaints policy and ‘What to Do if Things Go Wrong’ leaflet by clicking below:

'What to Do if Things Go Wrong' Leaflet

Comments, Suggestions & Complaints Form

Contact us to find out more

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to talk to you further.