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Good mental health and wellbeing are key parts to living a full and satisfied life.

Just like our physical health it is important we look after our mental health. Poor mental health can have a huge impact on our day to day living, affect our relationships with others and lead to isolation and loneliness.

Everyone has their low days but when those days outweigh the good days it may be time to look for some support.

Our service; ∙

Works with people in an individual and/or group basis to devise the best way forward for them.
Enables people to make more informed choices about the support they need. Helps people to access that support or develops it with them.

We support those who; 

Live in Trafford or are registered with a Trafford GP
Are over the age of 50

To receive support;
You can be referred by a professional eg, GP or Health and Social Care Worker You can refer yourself by contacting 0161 746 3949 or emailing


Useful resources

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