The silver surfer project has been running since 2008 due to a huge response to some taster sessions we originally organised as part of Age UK’s Silver Surfer week.

Silver SurfersThe service has now expanded and we have a team of volunteers delivering a basic lasptop computer course, and IPAD/Tablet course,  to older people in Trafford. We work in partnership with the libraries and deliver 5 week courses for people who have never used a computer before.

The courses are tailored to meet the needs of older people and are delivered in a fun informal setting within a small group. The course is designed to give people the confidence and ability to start using computers as part of their everyday lives.

We also arrange a number of drop-in sessions and follow on courses and there is an opportunity to meet up with your fellow learners within the libraries after the course to practise your new found skills.


Silver Surfer basic computer course – 5 weeks

What will the course cover?

Basic introduction to computers

  • How to use a mouse
  • Basic components of a computer

Microsoft Word

  • How to produce, file and save a word document
  • Be aware of icons in Microsoft Word


  • Set up an external e-mail account
  • How to send Electronic Mail


  • How to access the internet
  • Explore websites using search engines

We will be looking to develop next level courses in the future.


  • how to use an IPAD or tablet


For More Information

Contact: Karen Duffy

phone: 0161 746 9752