History of Age UK West Cumbria

1970 - 1973

Old People’s Welfare Committees changed their names to Age Concern.

1973 - 1974

Margaret Rhodes appointed Field Officer for the North West Region. Responsibilities included organising an Age Concern Cumbria Committee.


It became clear that the geography of Cumbria was too large for one Age Concern Group. Independent charities representing Carlisle, Eden, South Lakeland, Barrow, Copeland and Allerdale were set up.

Initial funding came from a County Grant administered from the Age Concern Cumbria Committee.

Additional funding was needed to run the separate charities. This led to the development of the local Age Concern charity shops in Copeland and Allerdale.

Anne Eaden was appointed Chief Officer of Age Concern Copeland.

Successful fundraising led to the extension of hours for the organising secretaries, the appointment of new staff and the development of a wider range of services. As the organisations became more viable the County Grant was stopped.


Age Concern Copeland and Age Concern Allerdale merged to form Age Concern Northwest Cumbria.


The Charity and its services have grown rapidly since the merger.

1996 - 1999

Kay Pitchford joined as Director and Age Concern Northwest Cumbria was re-organised into the present structure of Directorate and separate departments.


Mary Bradley joined as Director. The charity continues to grow and develop.


Age Concern Millom and Age Concern Northwest Cumbria merged and formed Age Concern Northwest Cumbria, a charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.


Age Concern Northwest Cumbria joined in partnership with Age UK, the new national partnership combining Age Concern England and Help the Aged.