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Summer Show 2018

Published on 07 September 2018 02:49 PM

Our first ever Summer Show was a great success we had 16 categories ranging from decorated welly to longest nettle with at total of 112 entries! We were delighted by the number of entries and all your support. The most contested categories were the photograph of a bridge, thumbprint painting, knitted item as there were so many entries to choose from!

We would like to say a huge thank you to our team of volunteers who did a brilliant job making and serving our afternoon tea & scones! The scones were a big hit. Our Cockermouth office, 93 Main Street was packed for the afternoon it was great to have so many people there enjoying themselves!

There was plenty of fun and frivolity throughout the afternoon we even had some Cumbrian Limericks!

The Winners

Best in Show went to Margaret Coiles Manager of our Egremont Shop and her granddaughter Robyn for their decorated welly which was pretty spectacular!

Knitted Item:

1st Prize - Sarah Fisher
2nd Prize - Anne Stoddart
3rd Prize - Anne Stoddart

Fruit & Vegetable Animal:

1st Prize - Eric Field
2nd Prize - Lynn Black
3rd Prize - Mary Cardwell

Largest Cucumber:

1st Prize - Brenda Bates
2nd Prize - Brenda Bates
3rd Prize - Eric Field

Decorated Welly:

1st Prize - Margaret Coiles
2nd Prize - Pat Raw
3rd Prize - Hilary Littlewood

Flower Arrangement:

1st Prize - Mary Atkinson
2nd Prize - Lynn Black
3rd Prize - Annette Collister

Padded Coat Hanger:

1st Prize - Pat Waite
2nd Prize - Egremont Shop volunteer
3rd Prize - Egremont Shop volunteer

Decorated Walking Stick:

1st Prize - Alison Desovska
2nd Prize - John Leeming
3rd Prize - Ilona White 

Prettiest Milk Jug:

1st Prize - Molly Carr
2nd Prize - Kate Field
3rd Prize - Eric Field

Decorated Ginger Bread Person:

1st Prize - Kate Field
2nd Prize - Kate Field

Shortbread Biscuits:

1st Prize - Sandra Dempsey
2nd Prize - Chantell Carnochan

Photograph of a Bridge:

1st Prize - Margaret Coiles
2nd Prize - Harold
3rd Prize - Chantell Carnochan

Lemon Curd:

1st Prize - Lynn Sanderson
2nd Prize - Eric Field
3rd Prize - Patricia Waite

Victoria Sponge:

1st Prize - Sandra Dempsey
2nd Prize - Lynne Rushforth
3rd Prize - John Rael

Thumb Print Portrait:

1st Prize - Doris
2nd Prize - Pat Raw
3rd Prize - Hilary Littlewood

Largest Dock Leaf:

1st Prize - Anne Stoddart
2nd Prize - Lucy & Michael
3rd Prize - Sarah Bromiley

Longest Nettle:

1st Prize - Liz Norris
2nd Prize - Sue Harris
3rd Prize - Sarah Bromiley

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who supported our show we are already looking forward to the Summer Show 2019! 

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