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NOTICE: Following government guidelines - after risk assessments, consulting with staff, implmenting health & safety & PPE procedures we will be reopening this service from April 12th 2021.  Please call 08443 843 843 for more information or to book an appointment.

Toenail Cutting

Looking after your feet as you get older is very important to your general health and well being!

Foot care in later life is very important to your general health and well-being. Nails may become toughened and difficult to cut which can lead to feet becoming painful and uncomfortable as a result of nails not being cut regularly.

In later life skin can become thin and lose elasticity, feet can also lose strength and balance by not walking or standing enough. Having healthy feet can help you: get out and about, avoid falls and stay mobile.

What the service offers

This is not a medical service but a common sense approach to basic foot care. This service offers:

  • Regular nail cutting surgeries throughout West Cumbria
  • We recommend cutting nails every 6 weeks
  • Basic Advice on foot care
  • Time permitting within a session a massage of the feet
  • Checks on suitable footwear

If necessary we can make a referral for help with foot care problems (e.g. corns or bunions) and we work closely with the NHS Podiatry service.

We also undertake specific clinics in Care Homes etc where a demand for our services are required by special arrangement - Please ask when you contact our help line 08443 843 843.

Who can access this service 

This service is available for people aged 50 and over in West Cumbria. You will be asked a few questions about your general health and any medication you are taking. This is to ensure that the service is suitable for you. Unfortunately we are unable to provide the service to people who suffer from certain medical conditions or are prescribed with certain medications.

Call our Helpline to book an appointment today! Or Email :

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