Age UK West Cumbria provides information, advice and support to help you maintain your independence and understand the world around you.

General Information and Advice

Age UK West Cumbria provide general information and advice on all aspects of later life including: consumer issues, education and leisure, employment & voluntary work, family & personal, health & disability, housing, legal, money issues, national & immigration and travel etc.

Information Resources

Hand and calculator

We can provide you with a range of information resources such as a list of useful contacts for personal, specialist or home services. For more information on what resources we have to offer contact the help line 08443 843 843.



Advice on Benefits and Money Issues

Our staff can provide advice on a wide range of financial issues.

Money Information and Advice

Housing options Advice

We provide information, advice and guidance to help you make the housing choices which are right for you.

Housing Options Advice

Trusted Assessors

Our Trusted Assessors can provide an assessment of your home and information on daily living aids and equipment.

Trusted Assessors

Housing Support for Dementia

Age UK West Cumbria provides a range of dementia support services including the dementia-friendly environments project. Our dementia assessors will assess your home and advise you on how to make it a more dementia-friendly environment.

Dementia Support


Tel: 08443 843 843