Age UK West Cumbria can provide home assessments and advice on daily living aids and equipment.

Trusted Assessors

Our Trusted Assessors are trained to provide you with advice on daily living aids and equipment which can support you in your everyday life in and around your home. Our Assessors can make an assessment of your home and help you to identify the aids and equipment which can help you live safely and independently.

Dementia Assessors

We have trained Dementia Assessors who can assess your home to help make your environment more dementia-friendly. We also provide a range of dementia-friendly equipment such as: deep-coloured crockery, orientation boards, signage to help identify different rooms and more. Our Dementia Assessors can help identify the equipment and living aids which can help you to live in a more dementia-friendly environment.

 Orientation board



Tel: 08443 843 843




If you appreciate our services, or have any concerns we would like to hear from you. You can ask for a copy of our ‘Comments, Compliments or Complaints’ Form at your local Age UK office.

Age UK West Cumbria welcomes diversity in our workforce and our services.


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