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We stock and provide advice on a variety of aids and equipment that can help you live safely and independently.

Below are examples of some of our most popoluar items. A wider range of equipment and models are available in store.

We have stores and outlets in:

Workington      Whitehaven      Millom      Wigton

For more information, please visit a store, our contact us on:

01900 844670


  • Shower Stools

    A shower stool is used for people who have difficulty standing in the shower.

  • Shower Chairs

    A shower chair is for those who have difficulty standing in the shower, but who need a little more support than a stool.

  • Bath Boards

    Bathboards are designed to help you get in and out of the bath, and provide a straight solid seat for you to sit on.

  • Bathroom Grab Rails

    Bathroom grab rails can help you stay in and steady when manoeuvring around your bathroom.

  • Commodes

    A commode is a moveable toiler that is used by people whose mobility makes it difficult to reach the bathroom in time.

  • Toilet Frames

    Toilet frames fit around your toilet to provide you with extra stability and support when sitting on, and getting off the toilet.

  • Bathroom Hoists

    Bathroom hoists are suitble for those with mobility or strength issues, and can help you get in and out of the bath.

  • Other Aids

    We also stock a variety of other bathroom aids and equipment that can help you with daily bathing tasks


  • Bed Grab Rails

    Bed grab rails can help you stay steady when getting in and out of bed.

  • Bed Risers

    Bed risers are a an ideal way to raise your bed to a convenient height without investing in a specialised bed.

  • Bed Wedges

    Bed wedges are a basic, cost effective, but incredibly useful way to provide comfort and support whilst in bed.

  • Over Bed Tables

    Over bed tables give you plenty of space for meals, reading and other hobbies. They are both convenient and easy to clean.


  • Grooming Aids

    We stock aids that can help you with a wide range of daily grooming activities

  • Shoe Horns

    Shoe horns are an effective way to help you get shoes on and off your feet, reducing the need for straining and bending.

  • Stocking Donners

    Stocking doners are designed to help you apply compression socks wihtout the stuggle of bending and straining.

  • Other Aids

    We also stock a variety of other bedroom aids and equipment that can help you stay safe and independent.


  • Kitchen Trolleys

    Kitchen trolleys are a simple way to safely transport meals and other items around the kitchen, and to other parts of the house.

  • Perching Stools

    Perching stools enable their users to 'semi-sit', reducing the strain from either standing or sitting for too long. 

  • Adapted Cutlery

    We stock a range of adapted cutlery specifically designed for people who find using 'standard' cutlery difficult.

  • Drinking Cups

    Adult drinking cups allow users to drink with confidence and reduce the risk of spillages.


  • Kettle Tippers

    Kettle tippers support the weight of the kettle and are specifically designed to take the strain out of pouring water.

  • Plate Guards

    Plate guards can be easily fitted to ordinary plates and are designed to assist with one handed eating.

  • Other Aids

    We also stock a variety of other kitchen aids and equipment that can help you navigate your kitchen safely.


  • Walking Sticks

    We stock a wide range of walking sticks that could help you stay steady on your feet.

  • Rollators

    Rollators are walking frames equipped with wheels that can help you move safely and independently from one place to another.

  • Wheelchairs

    We stock a variety of wheelchairs, each designed to suit individual need and budget. We also rent out wheelchairs for short-term use.

  • Mobility Scooters

    We stock a range of Mobility Scooters from Cumbria Mobility. We recieve a small commission on scooters you buy through us, with no extra cost to you.


  • Stairlifts

    We sell a wide range of Acorn stairlifts to suit every household. We recieve a small charitable donation from Acorn every time you buy a stairlift via us, with no extra cost to you.

  • Ramps

    We sell a range of ramps that can make getting in, out and around the house easier for those with mobility issues.


  • Cosy Feet Footware

    We stock a range of Cosy Feet footwear specifically designed for flatter and/or swollen feet. These can help you stay up and steady.

  • Grabbers

    Grabbers are an effective reaching aid that can help people with limited mobility preserve their independence.

  • Furniture Risers

    Furniture risers are an ideal way to raise the height of your furnitre without having to invest in new, specialised items.

  • Grab Rails

    Grab rails can be fitted in and around your home to help you stay steady when maneuvering around.

  • Key Safes

    Key safes provide a secure place to store a spare key from your home. An ideal solution if you accidently lock yourself out, or if a neighbour or service provider needs access to your home.

  • Memory Aids

    We stock a variety of memory aids that can help those with dementia, or other memory loss issues.

  • Pill Organisers

    Pill organisers are a great way to store and organise your medication, choose from daily, weekly or monthly irganisers to suit your needs.

  • RADAR Keys

    The RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS) enables people to access locked public toilets in the UK. We stock genuine RADAR toilet keys.