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Would you like to make a difference to the older people in our community? Meet people? Make new friends? Learn new skills? Have fun? 
There is a wide variety of volunteering opportunities within Age UK Dacorum.

Our Services

At Age UK Dacorum we offer a wide range of services that provide information, practical support and social inclusion to older people and their carers throughout the Borough.

No one should have no one

Help us provide companionship, advice and support for older people who find their lives adversely affected by loneliness, illness or poverty, whatever the time of year.

Handyperson Service

Do you need help with  DIY jobs around the home?

For a reasonable rate, our handypersons will carry out small jobs that can be completed in approximately 3 hours.

Contact Linda on 020 8386 4214 for a quote or an estimate for a job.

Information & Signposting

Our information and signposting service can offer information on a range of issues relating to older people.

We can also provide information about local services available in Dacorum.

Call our information line on 01442 259049

Dementia Services - Cogs Club

We have four 'Cogs' Club in Dacorum ( Aldbury, Berkhamsted, Leverstock Green & Bennets End). Our Cogs Clubs are modelled based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy with specially-designed activities to support people experiencing mild to moderate memory problems

For more information on our Cogs club or other dementia services contact  Melanie on 01442 221000

Spread the Warmth

Canal in Winter


Each winter more lives are lost from people living in cold homes than those people who die through road accidents! Last winter The Gazette reported  80 winter deaths of  older people  in the borough of Dacorum. 

Age UK Dacorum’s campaign is to reduce the number of people living in Dacorum who may be at risk by living in cold homes. Exposure to the cold can have a devastating impact on the health of older people who are particularly vulnerable to the impact of low temperatures. As people get older it takes longer to warm up. The cold thickens blood and increases blood pressure. Each winter sees massive increases in the incidence of heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression in older people. 

  • Dragons' Apprentice Challenge 2015/16

    Our team Bampage (Bam Construct UK, Hemel Hempstead School and Age UK Dacorum) has organised a Curry Night at Saffron Indian Restaurant in Hemel Hempstead.

    £15 per head
    Monday 1st February

    All proceeds from the evening will go towards helping Bampage achieve their fundraising target.

    Banquet night

    Come and feast yourself at the banquet! Have a look at the Menu.

    Reserve a table online or call Saffron Indian Restaurant at  01442 230606/413030 to book a table quoting ‘Age UK charity night’

    Special Banquet Night

  • Cold Homes Week (Feb 1st - 5th)

    Cold Homes Week (1-5 February 2016) is a week of action on fuel poverty and excess winter deaths.

    Each winter one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold weather. Many of these deaths could be prevented if everyone lived in a warm home.

    That’s why Age UK is calling on the Government to reform its energy efficiency programmes to enable all older people to live in a warm home. We believe that no older person should have to worry about the cold and everyone should be able to keep warm and well in winter.

    Take part in our candlelight vigil for Cold Homes Week

    Our campaign supporters are vital in helping us to bring about change, which is why we need your help with our campaign for warm homes.

    warm home

    Read Report : Still cold - What next for older people in cold homes?

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  • Warm Park Homes Campaign

    Living in a park home – a static mobile home – is a popular lifestyle choice for many older people. Park homes are less energy efficient and more expensive to heat than other types of properties. Many park home residents are on fixed incomes and their only hope of support with heating their home is accessing one of the Government’s energy efficiency schemes. We have 5 caravan parks in Dacorum.  

    Age UK is calling on the Government to roll out a specific energy efficiency scheme for people living in park homes.

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