Our Memory Loss project supports people with memory loss or dementia and their carers. We offer one-to-one support with information on how to best live with memory loss and/or information on how to best support someone with memory loss and dementia. We will: 

  • help identify needs so as to encourage independence and confidence.

  • help you understand the practical impact of memory loss and dementia.

  • provide emotional support- give you an opportunity to talk freely about how you’re coping and to help you come to terms with memory loss and dementia.

  • signpost to other organisations where necessary

  • offer support to carers and relatives of someone with memory loss so they understand the effects and causes of memory loss.

  • check that you are receiving all benefit entitlements.

Memory loss

There is also group support for carers and people with memory loss. Group sessions will provide opportunities  to learn about  living well with memory loss. It will also provide the opportunity for people affected by memory loss to meet and socialise with others in a similar situation.

Living with memory loss is challenging not just for the person with memory loss but also for their carers, family and friends. Everyone will experience memory loss and dementia in their own unique way. 

If you feel you can benefit from our Memory Loss Support Programme or would like more information about it please contact us or call Bernadette on 01442 221006.