We aim to create a culture which:

  • is clearly centred on the needs and aspirations of older adults, their carers and their communities
  • is constantly striving to become a centre of excellence
  • welcomes feedback
  • is characterised by innovation and creativity
  • works as part of the whole system of health and social care
  • enables service users and the general public to influence the providers of services
  • values staff and volunteers

Our Mission Statement

Age UK Waltham Forest aims to Improve the quality of life for older adults in Waltham Forest by:

  • Providing direct services
  • Campaigning for the rights of older adults
  • Participating in joint planning with statutory authorities and non-governmental organisations

Age UK Waltham Forest is an Equal Opportunity Organisation and celebrates diversity.


Our underlying principles are:

  • Ageism is unacceptable - we are against all forms of unfair discrimination, and challenge unfair treatment on grounds of age.
  • All people have the right to make decisions about their lives - we help older adults to discover and exercise these rights.
  • People less able to help themselves should be offered support - we seek to support older adults to live their lives with dignity.
  • Diversity is valued in all that we do - we recognise the diversity of older adults and their different needs, choices, cultures and values.
  • It is only through working together that we can use our local, regional and national presence to the greatest effect.


Our work is also guided by a set of values:

  • Enabling - we enable older adults to live independently and exercise choice
  • Influential - we draw strength from the voices of older adults, and ensure that those voices are heard
  • Dynamic - we are innovative and driven by results and constantly deliver for older adults.
  • Caring - we are passionate about what we do and care about each individual.
  • Expert - we are authoritative, trusted and quality-orientated