This winter, Age UK Barnsley is joining the campaign to raise awareness of the impacts of cold weather and to keep older people warm. 

Did you know...?

Using a room thermometer reduces the risk of developing health problems caused by living in a cold home. The ideal temperatures around the home are:

  • 18˚C - Bedroom
  • 21˚C - Living room

If you feel cold, turn up the heat regardless of what the thermometer reads.

Something else that could cause health problems is sleeping with your window open. Leaving a window open at night exposes you to cold air which reduces your body temperature and can cause many problems with your health.

Each winter one older person dies every seven minutes from the cold weather. Many more older people become seriously ill due to living in a cold home.

These deaths and health problems could be prevented if everyone lived in a warm home.

That's why Age UK is calling on the government to make milions of homes much more energy efficient, starting with the poorest and most energy efficient homes.



If you would like to support the campaign by knitting a warm home for Age UK barnsley, you can get a pattern by downloading it (below) or contacting Age UK Barnsley on 01226 776820.

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