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Age is different for everyone and, of course, the challenges and the demands are different for everyone, too. At Age UK Coventry, we are many things to many people – a source of advice, information, companionship and support.

The world we'de like to see - Our vision

For Coventry to be an Age Friendly City where older people contribute and are valued and respected.

Why we exist - our Purpose

To improve older people's quality of life and enable all to live well.

What we stand for - our Values

Empowering We believe that people must have a voice and control over their own lives
Listening We are empathetic, sincere and act on people's views
Caring We genuinely want to help and support people
Accessible We are available to all and take extra steps to meet individual needs
Trusted People can rely on our expertise and be sure we have their best interests at heart
Influential We are collaborative and innovative, and stand up for the rights of older people.

Our Challenge

Enabling increasing numbers of older people to make the most of later life in a difficult financial climate.

The Coventry Partnership

Age UK Coventry is proud to be part of The Coventry Partnership which brings together senior representatives from the community, private, public and voluntary sectors to work together to help improve the city as a place to live, work and play.

Visit The Coventry Partnership website