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Complaints, Comments and Compliments

The policy of Age UK Coventry & Warwickshire is to encourage feedback from clients, staff, volunteers and professional partners regarding the services that it provides.  

All complaints received about the organisation or its services will be acknowledged and thoroughly and impartially investigated.  Remedial actions to justified complaints will be implemented, and reported back to the complainant.

AUKCW recognises that complaints, comments and compliments are a learning opportunity for AUKCW and will retain a regularly reviewed record of all complaints and compliments.

Procedures for complaints, comments and compliments


  • An annual review will take place of all complaints and compliments received by AUKCW and the resultant actions.
  • An annual report will be compiled for the Trustees, detailing all learning and practice improvements that have been implemented by AUKCW as a result of complaints and compliments received during the preceding year.

What is a complaint?

The following types of communication to AUKCW will be treated as complaints:

  • A claim that there is a failure in a service
  • The absence of, or unsatisfactory level of, service
  • Dissatisfaction with the conduct of a staff member or volunteer, or of a person providing services through the agency of AUKCW
  • Dissatisfaction with the implementation of the organisation’s policies
  • The failure of members of staff or volunteers to follow agreed policies and procedures
  • The absence of proper procedures

Making a complaint

  • Complainants will be encouraged to put their complaints in writing.
  • Verbal complaints will be documented by a member of AUKCW staff and read back to the complainant to ensure accuracy
  • AUKCW staff will assist clients and members of the public to complain where necessary


  • Complaints will be received in the first instance by the General Manager Officer or, in his / her absence, by a member of their team, who will log and acknowledge the complaint. 
  • Complaints will be acknowledged in writing as soon as possible or at the latest within one week of receipt. A copy of the AUKCW Complaints Policy will be included with this letter. 
  • Complaints regarding the Chief Executive Officer will be investigated by the Chair of Trustees or by the Deputy Chair in his/her absence.
  • A full written response to the complaint will be sent to the complainant within 28 days of receipt.
  • Exceptionally, if it is not possible to complete investigations within 28 days, the complainant will be told the reason for the delay and kept fully informed of progress.


  • In the event of dissatisfaction with the written response, any further complaint from the complainant will be dealt with by a panel including the Chief Executive Officer and a Trustee.
  • The appeal hearing will take place within one calendar month of receipt of the further complaint with the complainant in attendance, accompanied by a friend or other representative, if he/she wishes.
  • The decision of the panel is final.