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Older Veterans share their stories

Older Veterans share their stories

Published on 19 June 2020 02:13 PM

Veterans’ Voices was a two-year project led by Age UK Gloucestershire and The University of Gloucestershire, which saw veterans from across Gloucestershire work with students and technicians to co-produce their own digital stories of their memories of being in the armed forces.

Veterans of the Korean War, Aden and more recently, Bosnia collected photographs and memorabilia over a series of workshops. They scripted a story to accompany the images and the results were their own ‘digital story’.

A digital story is a little different to a film; it is a 2 – 5 minute piece of media containing both photographs and audio. The veterans scripted or told stories, which were recorded. For some of them it was the first time they had heard their recorded voice. There are no moving images and the veterans themselves were in charge of editing the material, helped by students from the university’s Media School and its technicians.

Everyone has a story to tell. These stories tell of new adventures, new experiences, the reality of war, the loss of friends and above all, an affection for their time in the armed forces. The discipline, friendship, camaraderie and continued support shines through many of these veterans’ voices.

Listen to veterans’ voices here

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