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Homeshare week 2022!

Two women doing the washing up together

Published on 10 November 2022 01:45 PM

At the start of October we celebrated all things Homeshare! Our Homeshare Gloucestershire team work to match people who would benefit from support and company around the house with people who would like to join a welcoming home at an affordable cost. Over the last few years Homeshare Gloucestershire have made many matches who have gone on to enjoy sharing a home together. To celebrate the benefits Homeshare can bring, we’ve taken a look at some of the experiences our matches have had. You can watch and listen to their stories below!
Bryan and Melba
Bryan was living alone in Cheltenham when he heard about Homeshare and decided to learn more, he was later matched with Melba who worked nearby. They have since been sharing a home and were invited to share their thoughts on the process at a recent Homeshare UK conference. Use the link below to watch Bryan and Melba discuss the many ways they are benefitting from sharing a home.
Sophie and Ann
Householder Ann and Homesharer Sophie met through our Homeshare Manager, Ramona. The pair went on to live together, and brought comfort and companionship to eachother’s lives. Use the link below to listen to Ann, Sophie and Ramona talk about the Homeshare process with Radio Gloucestershire.
Emma’s Story
One of our Homesharers Emma has become hugely passionate about Homeshare since her own experience. Use the link below to watch her chat about why she thinks Homeshare is such a great opportunity!