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Question of the Month April 2021

In April, we asked:

"Tell us what you will be doing that will help your community recover and reopen once you can get out and about again?"

This month we heard from older people across the county who told us that they were looking forward to re-engaging with the local community, whilst still continuing to take sensible precautions. Many people were keen to help their community recover and re-open by doing things such as returning to group activities, volunteering, and physical activities.

“I will be going to Zumba again as soon as possible; I love getting out to see people but I hope people aren’t silly & transmission increases again”

Shopping more locally and supporting local businesses including hairdressers was a popular theme.  There was a general feeling of wanting to support local ventures and charities with several people commenting they will be shopping in local charity shops, as they really need support.

“I have gone back to volunteering in my local charity shop, I am enjoying mixing with more people again & supporting the hospice – I feel safe as I am behind a screen and they really need our support”


For more information contact:

Helen Atkinson, Head of Age Friendly Innovation on 01452 420931 or email