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Question of the Month March 2021

In March, we asked:

“What will make you feel confident to join in with community activity as lockdown restrictions are eased?”

There was a great response to this question and we heard from over 90 people across the county, aged from their mid-50s through to their late-90s.

Our conversations with you told us that it was the roll out of the vaccine that was giving most people the confidence to re-engage with community activity. That being said, many people are still feeling cautious and said that meeting outdoors, socially distanced with masks on will help build confidence initially.

We can’t wait to get out again! I’ve been locked away since last January – I’m ready to get back out now I’ve had the vaccine”.

Whilst the majority of people were confident and looking forward to resuming activities with some new adjustments, there was also a clear willingness to follow the rules:

“I am not worried and can’t wait to get out - I will respect what the Government has said and follow the rules though”.

For more information contact:

Helen Atkinson, Head of Age Friendly Innovation on 01452 420931 or email